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Print crop rashguard Piritu Rashguard

Print crop rashguard

Our Price: $76.00
Cayena Rash Guard Fitswimsuit CU Cayena Rash Guard

Rash Guard, crossed in the chest with tie in the back

Our Price: $76.00
Piritu Fringe Skirt Piritu Fringe Skirt

Skirt laser cut

Our Price: $80.00
Autana Fringe Skirt Autana Fringe Skirt

Skirt laser cut

Our Price: $80.00
Cata Short Cata Short

Short Cata

Our Price: $84.00
Isla Larga Top Triangle Isla Larga Top Triangle

Bikini triangle Ruffle, Latin Fit Bottom.

Our Price: $120.00
Bikini Sporty Top BOA Sporty Top Boa

Sporty Multi Strap Top

Our Price: $120.00
Wild Creme Triangle Wild Creme Triangle

Triangle Bikini with belt bottom

Our Price: $120.00
Bukka Laser Cut Bukka Skirt

Skirt Laser cut

Our Price: $120.00

MANGLAR SWIMWEAR - Elegance and comfort, the perfect fusion

In 1984, Manglar Swimwear, designed for the modern woman, represents independence and luxury while not forgetting the undeniable comfort and the fulfillment of being by the ocean. Sophisticated, simple designs; carefully tailored garments made of quality fabric imported from Europe; and careful stitching allows Manglar Swimwear to perfectly hug and sculpt a woman's body without covering up or hindering her figure's natural beauty.

Manglar Swimwear has kept at the forefront of digital prints and this new 2014 collection is no exception. Each piece blends seamlessly to perfection with harmonious and clever designs and a touch of distinction. Laser cuts, ruffles, curly fabrics, covered threads, industrial crocheta are just some of the interesting manufacturing processes featured in this spectacular collection.

Through her work, Nat Maori would communicate the energy of its shapes, the vitality of its colors. The choice of materials improve comfort for actively practicing sports.

In each collection dominating values of this part of the US can be found, where sports and vitamins overcome the stress of the cities, where fashion gives a real identity to our way of life.